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Explore Putah Creek

Putah Creek provides nature nearby for us to explore, research, enjoy, and appreciate.

Putah Creek Watershed

The Putah Creek watershed is home to myriad rare plants and animals, and a strong community of people who care about its preservation.Putah Creek is ...

Research on Putah Creek

Putah Creek benefits from extensive research by professional scientists, UC Davis students, and others. If you would like your research featured here ...

Explore Putah Creek e-book

The Putah Creek e-book highlights the public access areas of Putah Creek, and what one would experience there on a visit. Explore public access ...

Yolo Hiker

Yolo Hiker is a project of Tuleyome. The Yolo Hiker website will connect you with areas to hike, and if you desire, group hikes to join.

Fishing and Camping

Putah Creek has great public access for both fishing and camping. We provide information in this section help direct you to those who can help you ...