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Putah Creek News

05 October 2017
Activity of the Month: Plant! Are you in the process of taking out your lawn? Looking for more drought tolerant plants? or for ways to attract local pollinator...
01 September 2017
California wild rose is a deciduous shrub that can be found along riparian (close to water) areas below 6,000 feet of elevation. Its not-very-showy flowers are...
10 August 2017
Friends, Our planting van - which many of you know and love as much as we do - has reached the end of its serviceable life. We're in the market for a...

Native Plant Nursery

The Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee, Putah Creek Council, and CAL FIRE's L.A. Moran Reforestation Center are partners in a native plant nursery to propagate local ecotypes for habitat enhancement and restoration work in the Putah Creek watershed.

Lower Putah Creek Restoration Planning

The Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee (LPCCC) and California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) are developing conceptual plans for habitat enhancement projects on Lower Putah Creek from Monticello Dam to the Yolo Bypass. This planning project will have significant public input so that future projects on Lower Putah Creek are scientifically sound and community-supported.

Putah Creek Council Oral History

Putah Creek Council turned 25 years old in 2013 and our board of directors and many generous supporters provided the funding to record this impressive history for future generations of creek advocates.

The Putah Creek Legacy

The 1989 drought put Putah Creek on the map, when its stream ran dry and the neighboring counties went to court. Today, after $12 million in restoration efforts, there's water for farmers and for fish — even amid another drought. As more communities face drought conditions, could the Putah Creek success story be repeated? A five part series by Elizabeth Case.

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Since 1988, Putah Creek Council has developed effective partnerships with local and regional organizations. See our Support page for a complete list of our partners, funders, cooperators and supporters.