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2015 Putah Creek Cleanup

The 2015 Putah Creek Cleanup, hosted by Putah Creek Council in conjunction with California Coastal Cleanup Day and the International Coastal Cleanup, took place on Saturday, September 19th. A whopping 176 volunteers were able to clear over 8 miles of waterway and roadside of 1100 lbs of recyclables and over 4,000 pounds of non-recyclable trash. Volunteers carted away mattresses, TVs, appliances, tires, furniture, hundreds of spray paint cans and cigarette butts, and other non-recyclable litter. The most unusual items collected included a beer keg & tap, a shopping cart, a golf ball & driving iron, and a Marlboro "end cigarette litter" pledge card.  

This huge accomplishment is due largely to the time and energy committed by this phenomenal team of site captains and volunteers. 

See photos of the event at the following links: Davis photos, Winters photos, Lake Solano photos.