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2017 Putah Creek Cleanup

On September 16, 2017, volunteers came together on California Coastal Cleanup Day to clean 5,512 pounds of trash and recyclables from Putah Creek.

Putah Creek Council downsized our cleanup footprint in 2017, from two main gathering hubs in previous years to only one Winters location this year. This did not dampen the spirit and turnout of enthusiastic creek stewards - 143 volunteers joined us to help clean litter from about 5 miles of Putah Creek and Dry Creek waterways, floodplains, and roadsides, properly disposing of over 4000 lb of trash and almost 1500 lb of recyclables. We saw fewer mattresses, electronics, and appliances this year, but we discovered that tires, spray paint cans, cigarette butts, beverage bottles, and food wrappers are still dreadfully common along Putah Creek. The most unusual items collected this year included a bottle of stage blood, a hot tub, and lots of clothing - 108 pieces! 

Check out photos of the 2017 Putah Creek Cleanup at this link: 2017 Putah Creek Cleanup photos