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2019 Programs and Accomplishments

Each year, Putah Creek Council takes stock of what we accomplished during the preceeding 12 months. Last year, our Stewardship and Education Program staff, Stewardship and Education Team members, amazing volunteers, and members and donors contributed to a banner year for Putah Creek! 


Our community stewardship program enhances wildlife habitat, manages the Putah Creek Native Plant Nursery, and leads spring and fall creek cleanup events. Stewardship Team members are trained volunteers who are the heart and soul of our organization and help staff harness the enthusiasm and energy of hundreds of other volunteers.

Stewardship Team

  • We held two training events for 34 team members (4 new)
  • 517 participant days
  • Over 1,951.5 volunteer hours donated
  • Funded by the Yocha Dehe Community Fund, LPCCC and member donations
  • Created a Flex-Team Event process where members can participate in special events dependent on their availability
  • Created a S.W.A.T. Team to address the needs for a special project with the Yolo County RCD

Native Plant Nursery 

  • 35 volunteer nursery events were held 
  • 260 volunteers participated
  • 780 volunteer hours were donated
  • Funded by LPCCC and the Yocha Dehe Community Fund, in partnership with Solano County Water Agency and CALFIRE

Stewardship Field Events enhance wildlife habitat at sites along Putah Creek, at Lake Solano Park, on Cache Creek, and at other sites in the Putah-Cache watersheds

  • 37 events
  • 437 Stewardship Team members and volunteers participated
  • 1300 volunteer hours were donated
  • Habitat planting events were funded by the Yocha Dehe Community Fund, a Delta Conservancy Prop. 1 grant to Yolo County RCD, City of Winters, and Solano County Water Agency. 

One Creek | Putah Creek Restoration Internships

  • 10 high school and college students participated 
  • Worked together 16 times 
  • Partnered with summer interns at U.C. Davis and Solano County Water Agency so interns worked together on collaborative efforts and met potential employers.
  • Funded by LPCCC, Solano County Parks and Recreation, Yocha Dehe Community Fund, and City of Winters

State of California Urban Greening Grant

  • 589 hours of work completed in the Putah Creek Native Plant Nursery, on restoration sites, and at Lake Solano Park
  • Matching funds from Solano County Water Agency, Winters Hispanic Advisory Committee, and member donations

Putah Creek Annual Fall Cleanup

  • Coordinated with California Coastal Cleanup
  • 101 volunteers, including 8 trained site captains
  • 454 hours of community volunteer time
  • 5,500 pounds of trash, recyclables hazardous waste collected and properly disposed of
  • Funded by Solano County Water Agency, City of Winters, California Coastal Commission, and PCC member donations

Putah Creek Spring Cleanup

  • 49 volunteers
  • 147 hours of community volunteer time
  • Hundreds of pounds of trash, recyclables hazardous waste collected and properly disposed of
  • Funded by member donations


Our education program engages people of all ages and interests. For the 2019 calendar year, 2,794 elementary and secondary students and 78 community volunteers were involved in learning about the nature, culture, and history of Putah Creek. 294 hours of volunteer time were donated, valued at $8,805.

WaterWays (Spring & Fall 2019)

  • 2,228 students served
  • 83 teachers participated
  • 4 cities (Vacaville, Fairfield, Dixon, Vallejo) & Travis Air Force Base served
  • Funded by Solano County Water Agency

Salmon-in-the-Classroom (Spring & Fall 2019)

  • 256 students engaged
  • 10 teachers participated
  • 3 ities (Esparto, Woodland, and Winters) served
  • Funded by the Yocha Dehe Community Fund, program fees and donations from Putah Creek Council members 

Adopt-a-Flat (Spring & Fall 2019)

  • 179 students engaged
  • 8 teachers participated 
  • 2 Cities (Winters and West Sacramento)
  • Funded by the City of Winters and donations from Putah Creek Council members 

Winters 2nd Graders Field Trip & Cleanup (Spring & Fall 2019)

  • 121 Winters 2nd grade students 
  • 5 teachers participated
  • Funded by Putah Creek Council members

Lake Solano Docents

  • 21 docents trained
  • 16 guided nature walks, events, and canoe trips offered
  • 86+ volunteer hours (not including training)
  • 214+ community members participated
  • Funded by Solano County Parks and Recreation 

Putah Creek Club is an after-school program for Winters middle school students interested in learning about, and caring for, Putah Creek

  • 10 students, 3 grades, 2 teachers
  • Application process, 2 club outings and 1 lunch meeting per month
  • 5 hours per month (October - May)
  • Funded by City of Winters, Solano County Water Agency and Putah Creek Council member donations

CreekSpeak a 6-month series of community presentations and discussions about the nature, culture and history of the Putah Creek watershed

  • 6 events per year (May-October)
  • 3 in Winters, 3 in Davis
  • 189 community attendees/participants
  • Funded by PCC member donations in partnership with the City of Davis and Winters Libraries

South Fork Preserve Docents a new program in 2019 designed for the City of Davis Open Space Program

  • 15 Docents
  • 8 guided nature tours/events
  • 106+ volunteer hours (not including training)
  • 114 community members reached (adults and children) 
  • Funded by City of Davis Open Space and Habitat Program

Putah Creek Council Education Team (Spring & Fall)

  • Developed a training program for education program volunteers
  • 4 training days offered, 6 new members trained
  • Established a framework for future education volunteer involvement
  • Total of 102+  volunteer hours donated on field trips for all education programs