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2020 CreekSpeak Series Begins July 16th

CreekSpeak, Putah Creek Council’s speaker series of community talks about the nature, culture, and history of our region, begins on Thursday, July 16th with a presentation touching on how geology impacts water chemistry in the Putah and Cache Creek watersheds. 

California has a complex geology that has important implications on the chemistry of the Putah and Cache Creek watersheds, as well as other eastside drainages to the Central Valley.  In this talk, Dr. Earl Byron and Dr. Darell Slotton examine the prevalence of the natural elements selenium and mercury in these coastal mountain drainages and how human activities have greatly influenced the risk to fish, wildlife, and humans from exposure to these chemicals. 

Join us at this event to hear how Earl and Darell answer important questions like: 

How do our local, coastal watersheds rank in terms of exposure and risk from selenium and mercury? How are these elements altered in the environment and how do they concentrate in the tissues of fish, waterfowl, shorebirds or us? What sorts of human activities have caused these naturally-occurring elements to become more toxic? What actions are being taken to minimize current and future risk? 

CreekSpeak events begin at 7pm on the third Thursday of the month, held via Zoom Meeting Platform. In order to accomodate social distancing guidelines, Putah Creek Council has opted to move our speakers series online. In order to attend a talk, registration must be completed online. A confirmation email will be sent that includes login information to access the Zoom meeting on the day of the talk. 

 These talks are free to Putah Creek Council members and open to the public (registration will be capped at 100 people). A $5 donation is requested from those who have not yet joined the Council.


The 2020 Creekspeak lineup will include: 

A Tale of Two Elements: Selenium and Mercury in California’s Coastal Mountain Watersheds with Earl Byron and Darell Slotton (July 16th, 2020)

Studying the Return of Salmon to Putah Creek with Mackenzie Miner, Fangue Lab UC Davis (Postponed: Date TBA 2020)

Soils in the Lower Putah Creek Watershed: Links to the Larger Landscape with Vic Claassen (September 17th, 2020)

Exploring the Berryessa Region: A Geology, Nature, and History Tour with Marc Hoshovsky (October 15th, 2020)