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North Davis Riparian Greenbelt: Project Objectives


Project objectives include:Current weedy condition

  • Improve air and water quality – Improve the buffer between agricultural areas and dwellings to reduce drift of pesticide and dust
  • Improve the riparian ecosystem and its adaptability to climate change – Improve the corridor for riparian wildlife habitat and migration, particularly for the Swainson’s hawk (state listed threatened)
  • Improve public health – Improve local, non-motorized, public recreation in nature nearby, on foot and bike, as part of the City of Davis’ greenbelt network
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions – Provide increased shade from trees to help reduce urban heat island conditions
  • Conserve water – Plant native, drought-tolerant trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants and riparian plants
  • Increase stewardship – Provide interpretive areas and signs noting the benefits of drought-tolerant native riparian vegetation; engage and train local volunteers for community benefits
  • Minimize long-term maintenance – Provide sturdy interpretive facilities and signs and propagate low-maintenance vegetation

Project partners include: