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Adopt A Flat, 2013

In 2013, we saw the return of two education programs that had been dormant for several years. First, the Adopt A Flat program, where students raise native plants in the classroom and then plant them along the creek to improve wildlife habitat. This program provides an opportunity for hands-on learning about native plants, soil, wildlife and water quality. Fourth grade students from Shirley Rominger Elementary in Winters and Dingle Elementary in Woodland raised wildflowers in their classrooms and planted them along Putah Creek in Winters during a half day field trip. During the field trip students also learned about the creek food web and created ephemeral art in the flood plain.

Through a collaboration with Wild Campus, a student run UC Davis conservation club, several additional elementary schools in Davis were also able to participate in the Adopt A Flat program.

Thank you to Luna Vista Rotary, for their generous support of this program, and to the numerous volunteers who assisted with the classroom lessons and the field trips.