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Advocacy and Collaboration

Putah Creek fish killPutah Creek Council began as a group of nature enthusiasts coming together to appreciate and learn about nature nearby in 1988, and to protect what little stream-side habitat remained. In 1989 a drought hit our region during which so much water was diverted from the creek that the lower 23 miles substantially dried. The creekbed was littered with dead fish, and all eyes looked to Putah Creek Council to take action (see photo, right). 

The history of the legal suit which won in-stream flows for the creek to maintain wildlife, and other positive outcomes of the 10-year suit are detailed in Putah Creek Council's history. 

Current efforts to advocate for the health of the creek and collaborate with other groups working toward the same include:

  • Collaborating on writing and implementing grants which improve the health of the creek and bio-region
  • Meeting quarterly with other groups working on environmental education along Putah Creek via the group "Putah Creek Discovery Corridor"
  • Meeting quarterly with the Delta Tributaries Mercury Council to learn about mercury pollution in Putah and other creeks