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Barbara Kendrick retires from PCC Board after 22 years

Jan 22: 2011: On an unseasonably sunny and warm January Saturday, Barbara Kendrick retired from the Putah Creek Council Board of Directors. The greater community gathered in the barn at the Putah Creek Council headquarters for a potluck and celebration of her dedication and accomplishments.  

Barbara is the longest-serving Board member in Putah Creek Council's history. She is quick to note that she missed the first meeting or two when the Council was forming in 1989, but she's been a major force since that time.

Barbara was in her mid-sixties when she joined the effort to help protect Putah Creek. She owned and ran a horse training facility outside of Davis during that time, and continued to split her time and energy between the two endeavors for a number of years. When the lawsuit began in 1990, she was a constant set of eyes and ears for all the proceedings.

Barbara's life-long friend, Ann Dyer Bennet, was also at the celebration. Ann has also dedicated much time and energy to the Council. They both spoke lovingly about how much Putah Creek Council and the community have improved the creek for local wildlife. Ann recounted coming out of the courthouse for the last time after the suit was settled in favor of PCC and partners. She looked up and saw a "flock" of over 30 Swainson's hawks. She had the feeling that they were there to thank everyone for their support of the creek. "I had never seen anything like it before, and I've never seen anything like it since."

Barbara will be missed for her calm, reasonable, and always positive outlook. Barbara will remain a trusted advisor of Putah Creek Council.

Barbara Kendrick, left. Ann Dyer Bennet, right.


Additional photos from the event can be viewed at this link.