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California Coast and Creek Cleanup 2014

Every year Putah Creek Council volunteers turn out in droves to remove illegally dumped items and litter from Putah Creek. Every year we have more volunteers, and every year we find less trash. The creek cleanup event brings more volunteers out to the creek than any other individual project, and is a beloved part of what the Putah Creek Council community does to care for the creek. We are making great strides, but we can't do it without you.

This year, the annual cleanup will be on Saturday, September 20, 9am - noon. Putah Creek Council is coordinating signups for multiple sites in both Davis and Winters. Please visit the event signup page for more detailed information about each site.

How does all of the trash end up in the creek? Some of it is from "legacy" dump sites - places where people have been illegally dumping appliances, couches, etc. for years. Other trash arrives from city streets. Have you seen a "No Dumping - Drains to Creek" sign? When water flows down a storm drain, it carries with it whatever is on the street. The water that flows down storm drains is not treated, filtered, or cleaned. So if there is any trash in the street, it will end up down in the creek. The "No Dumping - Drains to Creek" signs on storm drains really do mean that the drain ends in a creek! 

For more information about prior years' cleanups, please visit our archives