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Celebrate 25 years with us!

25 years of community based stewardship. 25 years of community based advocacy. 25 years of residents coming coming together to care for our local creek. 25 years of incredible success. 

The first Putah Creek newsletter was printed in February 1988, and it's worth re-reading. See it at this link. 

The first paragraph reads, "Putah Creek is a source of both joy and frustration. While we take pleasure in its cool green waters, in the luxuriant willows and cottonwoods lining its banks, we cannot help but see the abuses the creek has suffered. It is painful to see streamside litter, the mindless destruction by dirt bikes and vandals, senseless clearing of vegetation, and the inexorable encroachment of choking bamboo, eucalyptus, and tamarisk. Our outrage is increased by the knowledge that Putah Creek's riparian woodland is but a tiny remnant of the vast riparian habitat left on Putah Creek - shouldn't we protect and heal what remains?"

We have made a lot of progress in the past 25 years, from building a legal foundation to protect instream flows (the Putah Creek Accord), removing tons and tons of dumped trash, and continuing to organize our community to rally around Putah Creek through ongoing education and community based stewardship. 

As our projects have gotten bigger in recent years, the Putah Creek Council community has rolled up their sleeves in response to increasing calls for volunteers. Volunteer participation has increased greatly over the past 5 years:

  • 2008 : 200 volunteers
  • 2009: 259 volunteers
  • 2010: 181 volunteers
  • 2011: 465 volunteers
  • 2012: 1,067 volunteers
  • 2013 (first quarter only): 322 volunteers

We have collectively shown that people deeply care for Putah Creek, and are eager to help in every way they can. 

Year 2013 brings our first quarter century to a close. We look forward to celebrating our first 25 years on April 18th with an evening BBQ and potluck, and hope you can join us. For information and to register for the BBQ (so we have enough food for everyone!), please visit this link