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Soggy, successful stewardship

On December 19, 2010, a group of 7 dedicated, intrepid Putah Creek stewards braved dire weather warnings (and early morning downpours) to attend our last stewardship event of the year. Though prior to the event the rain was hard and steady, most of the morning event was mild--and even sunny. Volunteers got soggy, but thankfully not soaked. Thank you to everyone who helped us at this event. The pictures, the smiles, and the achievement say a lot!

In total, we planted 124 native oaks, shrubs, and grasses at the UC Davis Pedrick Road parking lot. As the plants grow, they will become a barrier for off-highway vehicle trespass, and the will provide habitat for Putah Creek.

Every plant we used was grown in our native plant nursery with help of volunteers.

This event was part of our Off-Highway Vehicle project funded by State Parks. Watch our events listings for more opportunities to volunteer on this and other projects.
View photos of this event and learn more about this project on the Off-Highway Vehicle Project page, and see the UCD site. 


This photo sums up the day well. The clouds were beautiful. The group worked hard for several hours, and Rick outlasted everyone but Libby. I am pretty sure that Rick planted as many trees and shrubs as the rest of us that day. He just kept going and going. It was a great start to an important project for that section of the creek. -Reid