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Creek's Up!

On my walk this morning, I found that the un-named, tiny tributary to Dry Creek near my house was gushing milk-chocolate-brown water. I have only seen Dry Creek flowing one time in 5 years, so I was eager to see what Dry Creek looked like.

Dry Creek did not disappoint. 

It was high, but thankfully not so high that it was threatening to undermine banks. The rock work done in the early 2000s to stablize the channel and direct the flows into the center of the channel were functioning well, and the gravel bars near the junction of Dry Creek and Putah Creek were nearly underwater.


Hopefully the rains this weekend will mobilize the Dry Creek gravel into Putah Creek. These storms will start to answer questions we've had about how well the new channel in Winters will move gravel throughout Putah Creek. (See longer write up about this concept here).

Putah Creek was also higher this morning, about 9x higher than just 24 hours ago. Most of the plants volunteers have installed over the 

past year were under water, at least partially. 

The storms are timed perfectly with the removal of Los Rios Check Dam on Putah Creek near the Yolo Bypass. If salmon are waiting to get into Putah Creek, the extra water will help them get above barriers and should signal them to migrate upstream.

We'll let you know if anyone reports a sighting!