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CSI: Creek Science Investigations

Students examine a thermometer to check water temperature.CSI: Creek Science Investigations gets students practicing science using Putah Creek as a laboratory.

Students learn about different creek habitats, then develop scientific questions and plan their investigations. What data will they need to collect? What observations will they need to make? What resources will this require? All of this planning comes to fruition on a field trip to Lake Solano Park, during which they collect the data and observations needed to answer their questions. Back in the classroom, they compile their results, compare what they found with other sources, and work to answer their question. 

This program is supported by Putah Creek Council member donations and we work with schools to offer scholarships where possible. 

CSI: Creek Science Investigations is intended for 7th grade classrooms but can be modified to fit other grades. Curriculum, timelines, and field trips can be shifted to meet teacher interests and needs. 

A group of girls piece together a food web to explore interactions between different aquatic organisms.

Example CSI: Creek Science Investigations Schedule:
Lesson 1: Introduction to creek habitats, brainstorming question ideas
Lesson 2: Developing scientific questions and planning investigations
Field Trip: Collecting data, making observations, and exploring the creek environment
Lesson 3: Sorting through data, comparing to evidence, and answering the question
Final Project: Producing a written report of their findings for publication in the town newspaper

Interested in bringing CSI: Creek Science Investigations to your classrooms?
Contact Nina L., Putah Creek Council Education Program Manager, at nina (at)