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David Okita

David Okita has been the General Manager of the Solano County Water Agency and representing Solano County water users for 25 years.  He was hired into the brand-new position of General Manager in the fall of 1989 - right in the middle of the drought that brought about the lawsuit.  He was instantly involved in the dispute over the lack of flows in Lower Putah Creek. He attended nearly every meeting and negotiation over the life of the dispute and lawsuit from 1989 on, including sitting at the table when the settlement was reached that resulted in the Putah Creek Accord.   

David came to "SCWA" after 11 years working on water issues and Delta politics with Contra Costa County. He immediately noticed that the litigation over downstream flows in Putah Creek was unique - more like a difference of opinion between local professionals and neighbors, mediated by elected officials like Vic Fazio who represented both sides. 

David is still the General Manager of Solano County Water Agency, which serves as the umbrella group for irrigation, municipal and industrial water users in Solano County.  He has built SCWA from a one-person operation into an organization of 12 professionals. David continues to support and participate actively on the Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee and SCWA also greatly supports the work of the Putah Creek Streamkeeper, Rich Marovich, and Putah Creek Council. 

Listen to David's oral history recording below. 

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