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Event Announcement: Lower Putah Creek Planning Grant Tour

MK 1.jpgLower Putah Creek Planning Grant - Private Property Restoration Tour

Join Putah Creek Council Executive Director Kent Anderson, Putah Creek Streamkeeper Rich Marovich and landowner Manfred Kusch for a tour and discussion on the processes, pitfalls and successes of Putah Creek restoration efforts on private property along the creek. Manfred, UC Davis professor emeritus and Putah Creek landowner, will host a walk along the creek at his property and answer questions about the restoration process on his creek-adjacent land as part of the Public Outreach phase of the Lower Putah Creek Planning Grant/Prop 1.

Monday, June 10: Tour of Manfred Kusch's "Putopia," 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Manfred Kusch coined the term “Putopia” to describe his idyllic setting on the south bank of Putah Creek east of Stevenson Bridge. His property was proposed for the tour due to his long experience living on Putah Creek – since 1987 – his knowledge of how the property has transformed over time, what it was like before the Accord, and the exemplary condition of his property for wildlife, especially birds. He eradicated tamarisk – an invasive shrub – from his property early on and recently the Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee helped to remove 30 large eucalyptus trees and provide replacement native trees from our nursery. Manfred’s main remaining challenge is weed pressure from poison oak and Himalayan blackberry. By maintaining control over these weeds his annual effort is about two hours of weed spraying. He selected plants around his house for attractiveness to wildlife including a mixture of native and exotic plants mostly from the UCD Arboretum plant sales. Hummingbirds are so abundant and active at several feeders that they go through a gallon of syrup per day. His creek frontage is all native plants dominated by a dense canopy of oaks. Scouring flows washed away or buried most of the usual winter weeds leaving a network of natural pathways. Manfred is a lifelong birder and regular contributor to Central Valley Birds, a listserv. He participated in Putah Creek Council’s Oral History project. Listen to his recordings.

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