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Introducing Our New Executive Director

Dear Putah Creek Council Community,

On behalf of Putah Creek Council’s Board of Directors, I’m delighted to announce that after searching widely and conducting several interviews, we have selected Kent Anderson as our new Executive Director.  Kent officially begins on April 3 and you can meet him at our annual Stewardship Potluck on April 19. 

A native Californian, Kent was raised in the Sacramento Valley, spending the majority of his childhood knee-deep in local waterways, dip net in one hand and guidebook in the other, or exploring the alpine meadows and granite peaks of the high Sierra. Passionate about flora and fauna from an early age, he spent the majority of his formative years in the outdoors, discovering the wonders of the natural world in a first-hand, place-based and ecologically focused manner, studying animal behaviors, eating wild-grown foods and interacting with the natural world as a component of it, rather than a temporary visitor. Raised on a tradition of farm-gardens and outdoor adventures, Kent has many fond memories of watering, harvesting and caring for his families strawberry patches, kitchen veggie garden and herb gardens, including frequent meals made up of freshly collected harvest.

After graduating from Christian Brothers High School with the Brother Ambrose Award for Outstanding Loyalty and Service, the only non-academic award conferred during graduation, Kent joined the California Department of Fish and Game to pursue his dream of becoming a Fish and Game Warden, working on the front lines of conservation, while also attending college full time. Post California State University, Chico, and with a plethora of professional experience from a variety of positions within the Dept. of Fish and Game, from wildlife management and enforcement to hatchery maintenance and interpretive services, Kent determined to change his focus; he realized that the greatest opportunity to change the world for the better was through education, not enforcement. This turning point truly came when career Fish and Game employees said to him, “You don’t have the right attitude to be a Game Warden; you aren’t mean enough.”

With this shift in focus, Kent moved entirely into the education realm, working for a variety of non-profit organizations, government agencies and entities and other groups, focusing on environmental education, animal conservation and natural resource management, and LGBT rights and education. Kent has worked over 11 years with the Boy Scouts of America, at summer camps throughout northern California, to thank for his passion for backpacking, camping and other outdoor exploration. He has worked for an assortment of other non-profits, from the STAR Ecostation Children’s Museum and Exotic Animal Rescue to the Maidu Interpretive Center and Native American Museum and Historic Site with the City of Roseville’s Parks and Recreation Department. He has served as Vice-Principal of Sierra Nevada Journeys Outdoor School and as the Education Director for Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding. He has also worked in after-school education, as a site director with the Boys and Girls Clubs, a pre-K science teacher, a curricula developer and more.

Kent most recently served as the Deputy Executive Director of San Francisco LGBT Pride and in an advisory role with a local Bay Area animal rescue, handling rescued native wildlife and educating the public, in addition to his work as Assistant Program with A Living Library. He has also recently started his own passion project, a non-profit exotic animal rescue and environmental education program, ECOS Animal Rescue Center (Eco ARC).

In his free time, Kent and his partner care for their two dogs and other critters and spend as much time as possible outdoors, exploring nature, traveling around northern California and being active. A life-long learner, Kent is passionate about education and takes continuing education courses, volunteers with education and animal welfare programs and spends what time he has left visiting museums and parks, reading and learning all he can.

Please join me, and the rest of Putah Creek Council’s Board of Directors, in welcoming Kent as our new Executive Director!


Stephen McCord, Board Chair