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Joe Krovoza

Joe became involved with Putah Creek Council as a volunteer in the early 1990s. From 1994 - 1996 he worked on the litigation as a junior attorney for the City of Davis' lawyer, Martha Lennihan. After the lawsuit ended in 1996, Joe started work at UC Davis and became Chair of Putah Creek Council. Joe represented the Council throughout the negotiations leading to the settlement and Putah Creek Accord and is responsible for securing the additional flows needed to attract fall-run Chinook salmon back into Putah Creek. One of our longest-serving members, Joe remained Chair of Putah Creek Council until 2003 and active on the board until 2007. 

Joe and his wife, Janet, moved to Davis in 1991 so that Joe could attend law school at UCD's King Hall and study natural resource law - in particular, water and environmental law. He became a teaching assistant for Hap Dunning, who was one of the university's main experts during the adjudication and from there connected to Putah Creek Council. His first memory of being on the creek was getting wet and dirty during a Putah Creek Council creek cleanup near Winters. 

Joe is a life-long environmentalist and continues to work at the university as Director of External Relations and Development for the Institute for Transportation Studies and the Energy Efficiency Center. He also served on the Davis City Council for four years, and was mayor of Davis for over three years. 

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