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Join us for our first "Celebrate Putah Creek" Conference!

On Sunday, April 3rd, 1-5pm at the Winters Community Center, Putah Creek Council will host the first ever “Celebrate Putah Creek!” conference. We hope that this will be the first of many future annual or biannual events.  Admission is free. 

The purpose of this conference is to recount the historical and more recent water management of the creek. The Council is inviting qualified speakers to talk about the political and scientific realities of the creek in common‐language terms.

Other community‐based organizations will also participate. Believing that thriving creeks build thriving communities, the Council envisions that this event will lead to a greater common understanding of the many interacting interests, roles and responsibilities that guide creek activities.

All interested adults and children are invited to attend the conference.  

Adults are invited to join an after-conference gathering for socializing: 5:00 – 6:30pm at RootStock, located at 22 Main Street in Winters. 

Click this link,  "Celebrate Putah Creek" Conferencefor more information and to register to attend.


Photo: City of Davis South Fork Preserve by Tim Messick.