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Putah Creek Cleanups

Every year Putah Creek Council volunteers turn out in droves to remove illegally dumped items and litter from Putah Creek. Every year we have more volunteers, and every year we find less trash. The creek cleanup event brings more volunteers out to the creek than any other individual project, and is a beloved part of what the Putah Creek Council community does to care for the creek.

We are making great strides, but we can't do it without you. 

If you have not seen it, we recommend that you watch this entertaining video to learn about how accidental litter makes its way into our creek, and out to the Pacific Ocean. Do your part: put litter in its place, and help keep our creeks clean!

In 2017, Putah Creek Council and the City of Davis talked about the annual California Coastal Cleanup Day on Lois Richter's That's Life radio show on Davis KDRT 95.7. Listen to the interview here.

Visit the links below to learn more about our past cleanup events.


Putah Creek Cleanup Archives

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2018 Fall

2018 Spring

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