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Fall Cleanup 2005


We would like to thank all of the 150 volunteers who removed 3245 pounds of trash and 615 pounds of recyclables from our local waterways in Yolo County.  This effort was part of the statewide Coast and Creek Cleanup Day sponsored by the CA Coastal Commission and the international event sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy.  Statewide, approximately 50,000 volunteers came out to cleanup their waterways on Saturday, September 17.

This year marked the second year that the Yolo County Supervisors have passed a resolution to name the Coast and Creek Cleanup Day our official Yolo County Creek Cleanup Day.  Over 150 volunteers bearing gloves and trash bags scoured the banks of our local creeks and boated through our waterways at 7 sites along Putah Creek, Cache Creek, the Deep Water Ship Channel in West Sacramento and the boat ramp in Clarksburg.  Some of the more unusual items found were a real estate sign, a brightly colored winter jacket, a home theater system and a safe and cash boxes, found floating together near the Port of Sacramento.

This was the 7th annual Coast and Creek Cleanup event organized for Putah Creek and the 14th year that the Putah Creek Council has hosted a cleanup event.  Volunteers along Putah Creek met at four sites in Winters: the Putah Creek Nature Park, Yolo Housing Authority, Fishing Access sites #4 and #5, and Stevenson’s Bridge.  We are very happy to report that we are finding less and less trash at these sites each year! 

Participating volunteers were treated to sport bottles donated by the Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, lunch tote bags made of recycled plastic bottles donated by Yolo County and Jelly Belly jellybeans.  Various sites provided breakfast and/or lunch celebrations for their volunteers.  Without the time and effort of hard-working volunteers this event would not be possible.

The Putah Creek Council and the County of Yolo were the lead organizers for Yolo County sites for the 21st Annual Coast and Creek Cleanup.  This event would not have been possible without the support of Yolo County Waste Management and Vacaville Sanitary for providing dumpsters and waiving landfill fees.  We would also like to thank the Jelly Belly Candy Company for providing Jelly Belly sample packs, the County of Yolo for their time and lunch tote donations, Yolo County Flood Control for their time and water bottle donations, CALFED for sponsoring the Adopt-A-Reach program, and the Coastal Commission and all of its affiliates for making this event possible.