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Putah Creek Bio-Monitoring Group

[As of 2010, the Bio-Monitoring Group is inactive, though monitoring continues by Ken Davis. This page is here for historical reference.]

The Putah Creek Council Stream Biomonitoring Group is a dedicated group of “bug samplers” tracking the spread of the New Zealand Mudsnail and continuing baseline monitoring of which insects currently call Putah Creek home. This core group of dedicated, trained volunteers willingly give up Saturday mornings once a month to help establish baseline data on the insects that are found in Putah Creek. This baseline data provides an  overview of how the ecology of Putah Creek is functioning, and will provide information on how the New Zealand mudsnail impacts the Putah Creek ecosystem and food chain. 
The group works with Ken Davis, Independent Aquatic Biologist, who oversees all aquatic Putah Creek sampling efforts and monitoring of the New Zealand Mudsnail. 
This group has done a great deal to document the extent of the Mudsnail, and the response of native aquatic insects to this invasive snail. In 2009 Ken Davis released a report based on the group's findings which showed that our intermittent creeks--those such as Dry Creek which only have flow during storms--are perhaps the best biological bank of insect diversity for Putah Creek. 
Ken Davis' project report for work in 2008-2009 is available at this link. 
The slideshow below is a good representation of a fun field day in 2009.