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Pleasants Creek Erosion Reduction

A project funded by State Water Resources Control Board to reduce excessive sediment from Pleasants Creek.

Project timeline: August 2012-September 2015.

The information at the following links tells the story of the project and expected long-term outcomes. 

1: Where Salmon Once Swam, Vacaville Pioneer Pilots Creek Restoration Project

2: Study Identifies Erosion as Threat to Local Water Supply

3: Putting Nature to Work to Secure Solano’s  Drinking Water Supply

4: Unintended Consequences of Monticello Dam


The following people have volunteered with this project since 2013:

Huaira Ayala
Elizabeth Bamberger
Brian Bellamy
Liam Bhachech
Tamsen Bhachech
Sonja Brodt
Reid Bryson
Mary Buckpitt
brian butzin
Jeff Carlson
Julian Carmona
Natasha Carmona
Cindy Carmouche
Cristina Ceja
Kristy Connolly
Larry Crane
Ann Crane
Riciel Crudo
Amanda Culpepper
Matthew Danielczyk
Celine Decker
Michelle Doolittle
Ziming Dou
Mark Doyle
Devi Eden
Lisa Edwards
Maria Fedoseyeva
Debbie Finley
Sarah Finley
Kathleen Geurtze
Brian Givens
Juanita Glick
Bryce Gregg
rick hein
David Hickman
Caryn Holmes
Galen Hoshovsky
Krystal Inman
Denisse Jauregui
Heather Kirschner
Vicki Liang
Kimberly Lounsberry
Rashda Lughmani
Charlene Mayes
Robbie Mayes
Moriah Miller
Naftali Moed
Evalina Monreal
Daniel Nebel
Fiona O'Keeffe
Friend of Leah
Eric Payne
William Pedersen
Candice Peters
Luke Petersen
Phung Quach
Tu Quach
Elizabeth Reay
Kelly Richmond
Georgia Riggs
Ronald Ringen
Sara Ringen
Anna Rivera
Mary Rivera
Donald Sanders
Don Schug
Carol Shearly
Joanna Solins
Kari Staats
Anna Steel
Michael Strom
Michael Sweet
Nathan Sweet
Jennifer Tepley
Ben Thomas
Tony Vi
Daisy Wang
Steve Wathen
Matthew Weber
Philip Wiese
Jennifer Wu
Dana Yu