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Valley Oak Seeding, Planting, and Watering

Seeding and Growing the Valley Oaks

Individuals and classes had the opportunity to raise valley oaks from acorns to seedlings. Volunteers helped the Society for Conservation Biology to pot valley oak acorns and schools adopted the oaks to raise for future planting events. Conservation Biology members visited the classes to share their knowledge of oaks and native vegetation.   The classes raised 120 valley oak trees and planted them along the banks of Putah Creek at the UC Davis Riparian.

This project added 120 valley oak seedlings to the 60 that were planted by the Society for Conservation Biology in Spring 2003.  The hope is to return this fire-ravaged site to a native oak savannah.Volunteers have planted 180 valley oak trees along the banks of Putah Creek over the past two years in a collaborative effort with the Putah Creek Council, UCD Riparian Reserve and the Society for Conservation Biology.

Summer Watering and Care

A dedicated group of volunteers have faced sweltering temperatures, ticks and star thistle to help ensure the survival of the valley oak seedlings by watering the trees throughout the hot Davis summers. The first oak seedling planting took place in Spring 2003 and this core group of volunteers has helped to keep the valley oaks alive and thriving by watering them over the past two summers. Your help is needed to water oaks again this summer!