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Lower Putah Creek Restoration Planning Project: Goals, Objectives, Tasks


The goal of this planning grant is to develop a prioritized list of habitat enhancement projects for Lower Putah Creek that are scientifically sound and community supported.

This planning project will develop conceptual habitat restoration plans and baseline geomorphic, hydrologic, soils, and biological assessments for 30 miles (34 total project sites) of Lower Putah Creek from Monticello Dam to the Yolo Bypass, including the 17 sites identified in the Program Environmental Impact Report for the Lower Putah Creek Restoration Project – Upper Reach Program (SCH# 2015022022). 

The project will evaluate comparative costs and benefits among the 34 sites and make the science behind the conceptual plans transparent. Stakeholders will be able to reach consensus about the proposals for future restoration projects to enhance channel form and function on 30 miles of Putah Creek impacted by gravel mining, channelization, vegetation removal for flood conveyance, and invasive weeds.


  • Thirty-four conceptual geomorphic restoration plans including erosion control assessments and estimated construction costs
  • Complete baseline fish and wildlife assessments for each of the 34 sites
  • Graphic models of the science underpinning the conceptual habitat restoration plans
  • Facilitated public meetings (up to 24) to review the conceptual plans
  • Graphic notes from the public meetings to summarize stakeholder interests and input
  • Detailed engineering plans, specifications, bid documents and necessary permits for three priority project sites to be co-selected with CDFW


  • Task 1 – Project Administration – Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee and Solano County Water Agency
  • Task 2 – Erosion and Channel Site Assessments, Planning and Conceptual Designs – Subcontractors Streamwise and U.C. Davis
  • Task 3 – Community Outreach and Engagement – Subcontractors Putah Creek Council, City of Davis, Dennis Bowker Consulting, and Listen Ink
  • Task 4 – Restoration Plans – Solano County Water Agency
  • Task  5 – Fish and Wildlife Assessments and Monitoring – U.C. Davis Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology
  • Task 6 – Performance Measurement – Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee