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Measuring success

Every now and again it's good to reflect on some of the amazing work achieved in the past year by PCC volunteers. The gal at right was moved by the joy of building habitat-protection fencing last weekend, and her enthusiasm is reflective of how delighted others have recently felt, too.

Since August, 2011, we've enjoyed:

  • 451 different volunteers who helped replant 
  • Winters Putah Creek Park along one mile of channel restoration. One in particular, pictured at right, now has PCC 'volunteer' business cards since he volunteers 30+ hours a week with us
  • 166 different volunteers who have helped block off- highway vehicle trespass on Putah Creek while building wildlife habitat
  • 242 different volunteers who helped at our native plant nursery (they grew the plants for our other projects!)
  • 350 'Helping Hands' Mormon volunteers who weeded, planted, mulched, and built a barrier along Putah Creek in April, 2012

During the past 10 months, Putah Creek Council volunteers have built nearly a mile of post-and-cable barrier to protect vulnerable habitats, planted over 8,500 native plants, and planted the seeds and cared for our 1/4-acre nursery which grows the plants for all our projects.  Some volunteers join for 1 or 2 events, some folks come to dozens.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered and supported this effort.