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Monarchs need milkweed...

Learn about the ongoing monarch butterfly research project happening in the North Davis Channel: Monitoring Milkweed-Monarch Interactions for Learning and Conservation (MMMILC). This project is coordinated by the Yang Lab in the UC Davis Department of Entomology.

Information about monarch butterfly biology and conservation can be found at Monarch Watch. Take an active role in contributing to monarch science by helping Journey North track migrations!

Information subject to change, but below is a list of some places we've found native milkweeds (plants and/or seeds) for sale near Davis. Make sure to buy milkweed species that are native locally, such as Narrow-leaf (or narrow-leaved) milkweed and Showy milkweed. Species native to different parts of the country have different timelines for producing leaves, setting seed, etc. and this may cause local monarchs to mis-time their migrations. This KCET article has more information that you may find helpful. 

You can also use the Xerces Society's Milkweed Seed Finder tool to find sources of native milkweed seed.

This page is intended to supplement material found on interpretive panels installed along the North Davis Channel environmental education areas. Curious about the other panels? Check out their pages:

PDFs of all panels are available here.