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Putah Creek News

02 November 2017
Fall is upon us and wherever you live, you are likely to come across news or information about the return of the salmon! Pacific salmon have already begun their long and arduous journey inland and are slowly making their way past the many stream-based...
05 October 2017
Activity of the Month: Plant! Are you in the process of taking out your lawn? Looking for more drought tolerant plants? or for ways to attract local pollinator birds and insects to your garden? Fall is the time to put new plants in the ground, transplant...
01 September 2017
California wild rose ( Rosa californica ) is a deciduous shrub that can be found along riparian (close to streams) areas below 6,000 feet of elevation. Its not-very-showy flowers are pale lavender or pink, and have only 5 petals, unlike the multi-petaled...
10 August 2017
Friends, Our planting van - which many of you know and love as much as we do - has reached the end of its serviceable life. We're in the market for a replacement vehicle, and would appreciate any leads you can pass along. Here's what we're looking for: Pickup...
02 June 2017
Milkweeds are native to all of California, although today they are mostly found in northern California; from the coast into the Sierra, from wetland riparian habitats to pine and mixed conifer forests. They can be found as far east as Texas, and north into...
02 May 2017
It's time to apply for a summer internship!
02 May 2017
It's snowing again at Putah Creek! It's as close to snow as we're going to get, anyway, thanks to Fremont cottonwood ( Populus fremontii ).
10 April 2017
For the creek, for the fish and wildlife, for our communities, for the environment!
02 April 2017
Putah Creek Council is pleased to announce our new Putah Creek Champion award, this year presented jointly to Bill Julian, Joe Krovoza, Brett Moffatt, Dan O’Hanlon, and Larry Bazel. These men were the Council's volunteer leaders and the core pro bono legal...
27 March 2017
Putah Creek Council’s Board of Directors announces our new Executive Director, Kent Anderson.