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Putah Creek News

02 May 2017
It's snowing again at Putah Creek! It's as close to snow as we're going to get, anyway, thanks to Fremont cottonwood ( Populus fremontii ).
10 April 2017
For the creek, for the fish and wildlife, for our communities, for the environment!
02 April 2017
Putah Creek Council is pleased to announce our new Putah Creek Champion award, this year presented jointly to Bill Julian, Joe Krovoza, Brett Moffatt, Dan O’Hanlon, and Larry Bazel. These men were the Council's volunteer leaders and the core pro bono legal...
27 March 2017
Putah Creek Council’s Board of Directors announces our new Executive Director, Kent Anderson.
24 March 2017
Western redbud ( Cercis occidentalis ) may know it by its rounded, heart-shaped leaves in the summer, or in autumn when the leaves turn blazing yellow, orange, and red, or perhaps you notice the red-brown dangling seed pods ornamenting bare branches in...
06 March 2017
In recognition of National Invasive Species Awareness Week, we're sharing fun facts about a few of the non-native plants and wildlife we "love to hate" at Putah Creek Council.
09 February 2017
Every year, Putah Creek Council runs a variety of in-class and environmental education field trip programs for local schools in Yolo and Solano counties and we have opportunities for volunteers to learn about outdoor environmental education.
31 January 2017
This planning project will develop conceptual habitat enhancement plans and baseline geomorphic, hydrologic, soils, and biological assessments for 30 miles of Lower Putah Creek from Monticello Dam to the Yolo Bypass.
29 November 2016
This year the Putah Creek Council Board of Directors was blessed to have several applicants. In November, the board selected the following new members for one- and two-year terms: Alejandro Garcia Rojas, DVM Dr. Garcia was raised in Chile and obtained his...
01 November 2016
Make your way to the creek with friends and family during Thanksgiving weekend to observe salmon. The Los Rios check dam boards will be lifted and salmon attraction flows will commence on November 15.