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North Davis Riparian Greenbelt: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Was the project planned prior to the first public meeting?

A: No. This project was stalled due to administrative issues with the contract for two years until late 2012, yet the funding will still expire in March 2015. The ideas presented at the January 15, 2013 meeting were generated prior to the meeting by the project team simply to jump-start the conversation with the community. Input from the January 15 community meeting, other communications from community members, additional advisory committee meetings, and communications with City of Davis staff will all be used to draft a restoration plan for discussion in our next community meeting and in permit applications.

Q: Will the project remove the healthbeat stations?

A: No. The project will not remove the healthbeat stations. At the January 15, 2013 meeting we did present some initial ideas of moving some of the stations to accommodate educational areas, though community input has made it clear that new zones to be developed should be placed in areas which are not currently occupied by the heathbeat stations. We could improve some of the stations, if there is enough interest. The only greenbelt “removal” to be considered is the gazebo in Bird Entry Park.

Q: Have you analyzed the impact of the project on flood control?

A: This project includes a flood analysis by a licensed, professional engineer. The forthcoming project plans will require engineering review and permits both by the City and the Central Valley Flood Protection Board prior to any significant field work.UPDATE, AUGUST 26, 2013: The Central Valley Flood Protection Board approved our application for this project.

Q: Have you analyzed the impact of the project on fire hazards?

A: The City of Davis Fire Marshall evaluated the channel’s current fire hazard. The project will be designed not to exacerbate such risks.

Q: Will the project remove existing trees, including eucalyptus trees along the bike path?

A: Based on public input, trees along the bike path and in the channel are ongoing.

Q: Will this project help create a recreational trail in the channel or along the farm-side of the channel?

A: No. The City of Davis is interested in retaining current uses of the channel and not encouraging further use by creating a formal trail that would need to be maintained.

Q: Will dogs continued to be allowed in the channel? Will it become an off-leash dog park?

A: Dogs and their two-legged companions will always be welcomed in the channel. City regulations will still apply: the area is not an official off-leash area. This project will not change that designation.

Q: Will kids still be free to ride bikes and explore the area, or will it become a “nature preserve?”

A: Kids will remain welcomed in the channel, and we anticipate that some of their activities (building ramps, BMX tracks) could impact portions of the restoration vegetation. Once established, native plants will be relatively resistant to rough use.

Q: What are the plans to create a “Friend of” type group to support this channel after the project is established?

A: We will learn from Friends of West Davis Pond and will facilitate the development of such a group for this channel. Our project advisory committee, which consists of local community members who are interested in the channel, could turn into such a group.

Q: Who will be responsible for the channel after the term of the project?

A: After the project term, maintenance of the channel and greenbelt landscaping will revert back to the City of Davis. The project is intended to reduce maintenance with less-weedy landscaping.