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Notes from Stewardship Team Members

"Volunteering with Putah Creek Council is a very satisfying and rewarding experience for me. Knowing that I'm helping make a precious habitat healthier for wildlife helps me to sleep better at night!" --

"I have lived in this area for over a year now, without learning about its ecology and without making any positive contribution. This group seemed like the perfect place to do both. After volunteering one time with PCC, I was certain I wanted to be part of it." --

"I volunteer with PCC to help restore this beautiful creek back towards its natural state, perhaps somewhat like Patwin natives might have experienced." --

"I didn't grow up in this part of the US, so helping restore Putah Creek is my way of getting to really know this place....When I am on pavement and asphalt I could be anywhere, but the creek is unique." --

"I love watching kids discover the creek through restoration. Not only do they learn about the ecology of an important resource in their community, but they also learn to work together to accomplish something they can be proud of. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with them." --

"Putah Creek Council is my favorite local travel agency. Volunteering with PCC almost always is an opportunity to explore a whole new nook of the wood. Putah Creek is a defining feature of our local landscape but it is often easy to overlook. Being involved with PCC allows me to learn about the wonderful creek that connects the people in our county." --

"When I first discovered that Putah Creek exists, I was amazed. A flowing creek with nesting orioles and ash-throated fly catchers amongst a field of walnut orchards--amazing! I was even more thrilled to find out there was an organization that was working to improve the creek's ecosystem and connect the community with the fascinating creek system that surrounds us." --