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Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Guiding Principles


Putah Creek Council protects and enhances Putah Creek, its watershed, and tributaries through advocacy, education and community-based stewardship.


We envision Putah Creek as a thriving corridor of native riparian and aquatic ecosystems connecting the Coast Ranges to the Sacramento River and the Delta. We envision a Putah Creek watershed community of people who value their creek and are committed to its stewardship.


  • We connect our programs and communities to Putah Creek, its tributaries, and the watershed.
  • We base our advocacy, education, and stewardship on sound science.
  • We are inclusive, transparent, and non-adversarial. 
  • We respect the private property rights of landowners along the creek. 
  • We provide accessible science to people and empower them with this knowledge. 
  • We encourage a culture of respect and appreciation for Putah Creek among diverse communities of people. 
  • We work diligently to protect and enhance the many values of Putah Creek as its guardian and advocate. 
  • We are a grassroots organization that engages volunteers, in cooperation with landowners and agencies managing public and private lands throughout the creek and its watershed.


  • Putah Creek Council bases its advocacy and restoration policies, practices, and priorities on the best available scientific information. The Council encourages research, planning, and cooperative ventures that will lead to the improved health of the creek.
  • The Council’s legal and advocacy strategies focus on constructive ends that will clearly benefit the long-term health of the creek. The Council pursues these activities in a civil, respectful, and professional manner with all participating parties.
  • The Council places primary importance on protecting and enhancing the natural resource values of the creek. Other considerations, such as public access and recreational use, are secondary to the natural resource values.
  • The Council considers landowners (both public and private) the primary stewards of their land, and recognizes that all planning and coordination related to Putah Creek restoration must consider the concerns, interests, and rights of landowners.
  • The Council is guided by the knowledge that pubic understanding of Putah Creek’s history and environmental assests is the basis for continuing public support for the creek. Public engagement in the restoration process deepens understanding of the creek’s resources and condition, even as their work directly improves the health of the creek.
  • The Council’s past success has been enhanced by its focus on activities that directly benefit its mission. Though interested in the overall health of the Putah Creek watershed, the Council places secondary importance on general watershed or environmental issues not directly related to the riparian corridors of lower Putah Creek and its tributaries.
  • While Putah Creek Council recognizes the value of studying the lessons learned in other watersheds, it also is aware of the unique aspects of Putah Creek that require different or modified strategies. For example, Putah Creek is an east-flowing stream in the Coast Range, does not receive significant inflow from the watershed in its lower reaches, and much of its riparian land is held by private landowners.
  • The foundation of Putah Creek Council’s work to foster personal and community understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of Putah Creek is the involvement of dedicated and informed volunteers, supported where possible by the work of paid staff.
  • The Council recognizes that its work should benefit all residents in the Putah Creek watershed, and values the inclusion of all residents in its activities.  

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