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Putah Creek Club

Students look down at Putah Creek from the Winters railroad bridge.Putah Creek Club brings Winters Middle School students out to the creek for after-school meetings to explore and restore the creek environment. 

Students meet biweekly to learn about Putah Creek's flora and fauna, practice environmental stewardship, and do habitat enhancement projects in Winters Putah Creek Nature Park. The Club meets throughout the school year and accepts new members throughout the year.

This program is supported by Putah Creek Council member donations and offered free to Winters Middle School students. 

Example Putah Creek Club Meeting:

  • Meet at Winters Putah Creek Nature Park, gather supplies
  • Install a trail camera to monitor changes in a portion of the creek
  • Investigate a salmon carcass, brainstorm ways its nutrients might be used
  • Water and monitor plants installed at a previous meeting
  • Snacks and journaling, head home

Interested in bringing Putah Creek Club to your school?
Contact Karin Young, Putah Creek Council Education Program Manager, at karin (at)