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Putah Creek Club, 2013

Spring of 2013 also saw the return of Putah Creek Club. Putah Creek Club aims to connect local youth to Putah Creek in an effort to promote the next generation of creek stewards.

Five 6th grade students from Winters Middle School participated in Putah Creek Club. Students alternated between attending "Explore" events lead by Alejandro Rojas Garcia and "Restore" Events lead by Putah Creek Council staff; Libby, Sara and Martha. While "Exploring" with Alejandro, PCC Club members learned about the plants and animals native to Putah Creek. They also tried their hand at restoration activities such as preparing bare root roses, installing drip irrigation, and planting oaks.

Many thanks go out to Alejandro for his vision and dedication and to Rebecca Fridae for providing transportation and serving as a mentor and role model.