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Putah Creek Club, 2014

Putah Creek Club starts in January for selected Winters 6th graders.

Putah Creek Club aims to connect local youth to Putah Creek in an effort to promote the next generation of creek stewards. This spring we will continue to work with Rebecca Fridae and Alejandro Rojas Garcia to provide an opportunity for students to connect to Putah Creek.Students will alternate between bi-monthly “Explore” events lead by Alejandro Rojas Garcia and “Restore” Events lead by Putah Creek Council staff.

Last spring, Putah Creek Club activities included: about native plants and animals, how to recognize common birds, and how to identify animal tracks. They also tried their hand at restoration activities such as preparing bare root roses, installing drip irrigation, and planting oaks. After participating in Putah Creek Club as 6th graders, students have the option of continuing their involvement by acting as mentors when they are in 7th and 8th grade.