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Putah Creek Council Oral History

Putah Creek Council celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013.  The board of directors and many generous donors honored this milestone by funding a project to record the impressive history of the Council's early years for future generations of creek advocates. 

Founded in February 1988, Putah Creek Council focused its early efforts toward educating the communities along the creek about the wonderful resource we had, getting to know the landowners and farmers along the creek and beginning to clean up some of the legacy dumps. In the summer of 1989, our "little creek group" was alerted that large stretches of the lower creek had gone dry and that fish and other wildlife were suffering.  

From our earliest efforts to purchase water to put back into the creek, to the decision to embark on a 10-year legal journey to secure adequate flows for Putah Creek and its anadromous fish, to our current successful programs in stewardship and education, Putah Creek Council's story is worthy of a permanent record. Explore and enjoy the stories of our early years from the women and men who "steered" Putah Creek Council down the path of success. 

Banner Photo Credit:  Greg Rihl, Enterprise file photo

The Putah Creek Council Oral History Project was directed by jesikah maria ross

Audio interviews by jesikah maria ross, Praxis Projects

Photos by Steve Fisch, Steve Fisch Photography

Transcriptions were reviewed and formatted by jesikah maria ross.   Attempts were made to ensure correct spelling of names, but errors may be found.

The Putah Creek Oral History Project is a collaboration of Dr. Eric Larsen’s Research Lab, University of California Davis and Putah Creek Council.

Click on a name below to learn more about an early Putah Creek Council member and to hear their interview and/or read the interview transcript: 

         Steve Chainey


     Susan Sanders

      Robin Kulakow

   Barbara Kendrick

        Bill Julian

        David Okita

    Libby Earthman

     Joe Krovoza

      Dan O'Hanlon


      Sid England

     Manfred Kusch

       Peter Moyle