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Putah Creek Legacy Series

Photo credit Peter Moyle

Explore Putah Creek Legacy, a joint reporting project from Climate Confidential and The Davis Enterprise. This 5-part series tells the story of Putah Creek's early days and its journey from a dried-up creek bed to the flowing, thriving community resource it is today. 

"The Putah Creek Legacy" explores the conditions that led to the drought and initial community responses. It tells the story of the lawsuit that led to the Putah Creek Accord and the subsequent restoration projects, as well as the work of Putah Creek Streamkeeper, Rich Marovich and U.C. Davis Professor, Dr. Peter Moyle. The series ends with a discussion on how the lessons we've learned from Putah Creek may inform future dam management, especially in the face of prolonged drought.  

The full series, as well as photos, community stories, maps, and other historical resources are available here:

Climate Confidential produced the Putah Creek Legacy as part of its Local Edition series, which highlights local environmental issues in partnership with community media. The series was written by Elizabeth Case, Davis Enterprise staff writer.