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Salmon in the Classroom, 2014

Putah Creek Council is pleased to offer a new, in-class environmental education program in the 2013-2014 school year: Salmon in the Classroom. This program provides an opportunity for hands-on learning about native fish, streamside habitat, wildlife, and water quality as students raise salmon, from eggs, in your classroom. The program can be tailored to any grade.

Our watershed education program provides core science curriculum and experiential learning opportunities. Through three in-class presentations and an opportunity to take a field trip to the Yolo Bypass, we hope to engage students in cooperative experiences that benefit each learner.

Program elements include:

  • In-class visit from PCC education staff to introduce the project
  • In-class activities lead by PCC education staff which connect the project with California science standards
  • A field trip to the Yolo Bypass to provide students with an opportunity to visit a local wetland, see wildlife and learn about wetland habitats.