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Science Review Team

The Science Review Team will help develop a scientifically sound set of criteria for ranking the 34 habitat enhancement projects. The team includes academics and professionals with decades of cumulative study and knowledge of Lower Putah Creek. They have expertise in fields such as fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, soils, revegetation and habitat enhancement, fish and wildlife, riparian ecology, landscape and human ecology, and aquatic biology.

The Science Review Team will help the project team communicate clearly and effectively to the public the current understanding of Lower Putah Creek’s fluvial geomorphology and ecology and what the potential is for improving and enhancing habitat along the creek corridor.  The goal is to have stakeholders understand the historical impacts to Lower Putah Creek (channelization, gravel mining, vegetation removal, dumping and invasive weeds, etc.) and the LPCCC's vision of rehabilitating and enhancing Putah Creek's channel, floodplain and riparian ecosystem processes and associated riparian habitats for diverse and healthy populations of native fish and wildlife. 

The Science Review Team will meet approximately six times over the next 24-30 months with the project team to

  • summarize the current scientific knowledge and information about the Lower Putah Creek watershed,

  • participate in public outreach events such as meetings, presentations, workshops, seminars, and field tours, and

  • develop a scientifically sound set of criteria for ranking 34 habitat enhancement projects.

If you would like more information about the Science Review Team or would like to be on the email list to receive meeting notices, contact Kent Anderson at: or 530-795-3006. 

SCIENCE REVIEW TEAM MEMBERS (project team in bold):

California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Grant Administrators Jason Roeh
  Steven Rodriguez
LPCCC Project Manager Rich Marovich, Putah Creek Streamkeeper
Outreach Coordinator Carrie Shaw, Putah Creek Council Executive Director
Facilitator Dennis Bowker
Graphic Recorder Alison Kent, Listen-Ink
Interns Nicolle Herr
Ecologist Ron Unger
Soils, Hydrology, Wetland Delineation, Permits Lisa Stallings
National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Ruth Goodfield
Point Blue (Central Valley Habitat Joint Venture) Kristy Dybala
California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Lorie Hammerli and Ryan Watanabe
Salmon and Aquatic Insects Ken Davis
U.C. Davis  
Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology - Wildlife Monitoring Melanie Truan
Habitat Connectivity Patrick Huber
Fluvial Geomorphology Eric Larsen
  Rocko Brown
Human Ecology/Landscape Ecology Steve Greco
Hydrology/Soils Mark Grismer
Fish Peter Moyle
Soils, Revegetation Victor (Vic) Claassen
Revegetation and Riparian/Wetland Restoration Craig Thomsen