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Sid England

Sid was the U.C. Davis point person throughout the Putah Creek adjudication and eventual litigation. He and Marjorie Dickinson, who was UCD's director of government and community relations, worked closely with Putah Creek Council and they coordinated expert UCD faculty (fisheries biologist Peter Moyle, water law professor Hap Dunning, water resource engineer Vern Scott) and the university's lawyer, Alan Lilly. 

After running his own consulting business for several years, Sid came to Davis in 1980 for graduate school. After earning a Ph.D. in Ecology, he was hired in 1990 to work on campus as the university's first environmental planner. On his first day of work at the new job, his boss pointed to a stack of papers and said "I left something on your's something legal and I don't really know what it's about. Figure it out and let me know what's going on." It turned out to be the first notice from Solano County Water Agency that they were proposing to adjudicate the riparian water rights of Putah Creek. 

Sid continues to work at U.C. Davis and is Assistant Vice Chancellor for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability. A life-long environmentalist, he has also been on the board of Yolo (formerly Davis) Audubon for over 20 years and on the board of Audubon California for 9 year. 

Listen to Sid's oral history recording below. 

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