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Sid England Receives 2016 Putah Creek Keeper Award

Sid England was recognized this year with Putah Creek Council's Putah Creek Keeper Community Award.

Sid, recently retired from U.C. Davis, joins a special list of Putah Creek supporters who have made significant contributions to protecting and enhancing Putah Creek. Sid, and his wife Randy Beaton, were honored at a special dinner hosted by Robin Kulakow and Bill Julian and Sid received a framed special, limited edition print of Putah Creek by Davis photographer, Rob Stone. 

Formerly the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability at U.C. Davis, Sid became involved in Putah Creek affairs immediately after starting his job as the university's first environmental planner.  On his first day of work in 1990, his supervisor pointed to a stack of papers and said "I left something on your's something legal and I don't really know what it's about. Figure it out and let me know what's going on." It turned out to be the first notice from Solano County Water Agency that they were proposing to adjudicate the riparian water rights of Putah Creek. 

Sid became the U.C. Davis "point person" throughout the Putah Creek adjudication, eventual litigation and Accord negotiations (1990 - 2000). He and Marjorie Dickinson, who was UCD's director of government and community relations at the time (and who is now an Assistant Chancellor), worked closely with Putah Creek Council to coordinate expert UCD faculty (fisheries biologist Peter Moyle, water law professor Hap Dunning, water resource engineer Vern Scott) and the university's lawyer, Alan Lilly.

Through his active involvement with Davis (now Yolo) Audubon for over 30 years, Sid has also shared with birdwatchers his enthusiasm for Putah Creek's regionally-important riparian and wetland habitats. Although retired from the university and Yolo Audubon, Sid, and his wife, Randy Beaton, continue to support Putah Creek Council and our ongoing efforts to protect and enhance Putah Creek.

Past recipients of the Council's Putah Creek Keeper Awards are:

The Putah Creek Council founding board: Steve Chainey, Susan Sanders, and Robin Kulakow; Dr. William Schnathorst (Davis Fly Fishers); Valerie Whitworth (Dry Creek Citizens Group); Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Peter Moyle (U.C. Davis); Former Congresssional Representative Vic Fazio; State Senator Lois Wolk; Tom and Ginny Cahill and Tom Tombrello (creek landowners); Putah-Cache Bioregion Group leader, Professor Emeritus David Robertson (U.C. Davis); Professor Michael Marchetti (St. Mary's College), one of the principal developers of the Native Species Recovery Plan for Lower Putah Creek in 1996; Jeanne Wirka (Winters Putah Creek Committee); Craig McNamara (creek landowner); City of Davis; and Gus Yates (groundwater hydrologist).  

At the June Putah Creek Keeper Award dinner for Sid England (left-to-right): Barbara Kendrick, Dan O'Hanlon, Carrie Shaw, Bill Julian, Randy Beaton and Sid England, Robin Kulakow, Susan Sanders, and Peter Moyle.