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Soda caps kill birds

It's not often that we re-publish national news, but this NPR report hits too close to home to not mention it.

Every year we pull tons of trash (literally) from Putah Creek, including items as large as pianos and as small as cigarette butts. We often encourage folks to be creek and ocean heros by looking for small items which can be ingested by wildlife, and today we heard more about why even these small items are really important. 

Follow this link to learn about how up to one-third of Albatross chicks die on Midway Atoll, many from being mistakenly fed plastic bits by their parents. 

Scientists have documented how water which leaves local California creeks brings with it trash and plastics which collect in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the Pacific Garbage Patch. Most of the plastic which ends up in the bellies of these birds comes from inland sources, sources like Putah Creek. Litter in street gutters gets washed into the Pacific Ocean via local creeks which recieve water from storm drains and road-side ditches. All creeks eventually lead to the ocean. 

This is depressing, yes, but we have the ability to stem the tide of plastic. 

If you are old enough to read this, you are capable of using less plastic.

Plastic is a choice.