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Spring Watershed Wonders Tours and Events

Birds of Putah Creek - Knowing the Feathers Around You

Saturday, May 2nd, 8 AM – 1 PM

Did you know that over 150 species of birds reside along Putah Creek?  In early May, spring migration will be in full swing and year-round resident birds will be nesting. 

Visit quiet, secluded locations along Putah Creek upstream and downstream of Winters that are not accessible to the public with local birding experts Steve Hampton and Michael Perrone. They will help you identify resident and migratory birds by both sight and sound.

Open your eyes and ears as you learn about migratory patterns, ecological niches, bird behavior and the value of birds to the Putah Creek riparian ecosystem. Enjoy a picnic lunch at a beautiful, local creekside property. 

In the morning we will meet at Rotary Park in Winters, and we will end the morning of birdwatching with a picnic lunch at a lovely creekside property downstream of Stevenson's Bridge. Lunch and drinks will be provided. 

Hosted By:  Stephen McCord | 530-220-3165 |

Cost:  $75 per person. Lunch and drinks are included.
Minimum/Maximum Number of Attendees: 10 / 20  

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Putah Creek Bats - Flyers in the Night Sky

Saturday, May 9th - 7:30 to 10 PM

Up to 10 species of bats could be living along Putah Creek and local wildlife biologist, Leila Harris, is conducting surveys to try and document their presence. 

Visit several secluded bat foraging locations along Putah Creek after sunset with Ms. Harris and her colleagues. Open your eyes (with night vision equipment!) and ears (with acoustic detectors!) as you learn about our local bat species, their ecological niches and behavior and their value to the Putah Creek riparian ecosystem.

Depending on our luck, we may view bats up close as the researchers conduct a capture-release survey of local bats. Watch and learn about different species as they are identified, measured and released. 

Hosted By:  Valerie Whitworth | 530-795-2009 |

Cost:  $50 per person. Hot chocolate and dessert included!
Minimum/Maximum Number of Attendees: 8 / 15  

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Nature's Theater for Kids - Explore Putah Creek

Sunday, May 17th - 10 AM - 2 PM

Bring the kids, bring the grandkids! 

They will find outdoor time irresistible with this adventurous Nature's Theater walking story along Putah Creek. 

Lyndsay Dawkins and Jeff Fayln unlock children's imaginations on this theatrical outing of play and wonder. Costumed characters set up a nature story along the creek and children embark on a mini-quest to stop villains, meet other characters and save the day. This experience offers children a taste of being real-life heroes as they explore, play games and interact with the characters. 

The location will be on a gorgeous working walnut orchard and organic farm along Putah Creek just east of Winters. 

Hosted By:  Erin Hasbrook | 530-795-0745 |

Cost:  $25 per child | $15 each additional child from the same family. Lunch and drinks provided. 
Minimum/Maximum Number of Attendees: 10 / 30   

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