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Stephen McCord


Stephen McCord first came to Davis in 1993 as a graduate student after having worked or traveled around five continents. After completing his doctoral studies he again left the country only to arrive right back in Davis in 2000, finally ready to go native. His interactions with PCC began in the early 2000’s while he was President of another local nonprofit that organized riparian plantings and trash cleanup events. These days his consulting business provides water quality engineering services throughout the region, making numerous contacts and experiences that align with PCC’s mission. He has served on the board since 2011.

Stephen loves being outdoors, especially around water. He has experienced the entire length of Putah Creek while fishing, photographing, birdwatching, removing trash, planting, and even joining conference calls. As a board member, he appreciates the opportunity to serve with both white collars (in board meetings) and blue ones (stewardship events).

In his spare time, Stephen enjoys playing many sports, backpacking or otherwise traveling, and coaching, mentoring and advising students. He lives in Davis with his wife Mona and daughter Asia.