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Valerie Whitworth

Valerie Whitworth is a small-time farmer who has worked with Putah Creek Council since its inception. She first came to the Central Valley as a Regents Scholar Freshman in 1963 after living on the California Coast most of her life. Born in England, she was unprepared for the dry heat of the Central Valley and naturally gravitated to the nearest water. Putah Creek gave her both water and wonderful plant and wildlife including amazing birds, coyotes, foxes, otter, mink, and beaver as well as cougar prints on her land by the creek.  she was responsible for obtaining the funds for the first creek engineering project located on Dry Creek.
To me, Putah Creek Council epitomizes the selfless giving of time and energy to a landscape that is invaluable. The values that I hold dearest are held as goals by Putah Creek Council. To be part of a group of people focused on protecting and defending a landscape in California that is under attack by development, carelessness, neglect and changes in climate is a privilege.. To be sure that future generations can seek and find such a landscape keeps me working to protect Putah Creek.
Traveling is a passion for me and my husband, the botanist Michael Barbour, and we have had adventures in botany worldwide. I love being a grandmother and spend as much time as I can with my grand daughter, Grace, on the creek. I enjoy writing, both grants and creatively. I am a reader, but also a person who enjoys working and playing outdoors, playing sports, singing, dancing, and plein aire painting.