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Students use spoons and magnifiers to examine critters that live in Lake Solano.

WaterWays introduces Solano County students to their water source through lessons exploring watersheds, water conservation, and a half-day field trip to Lake Solano Park. 

Students learn about how water moves through our landscapes and investigate how our actions affect watershed health. On a field trip to Lake Solano Park, students investigate the source of their drinking water and learn about everyone else that depends on this valuable resource. A final lesson deepens students' commitment to use water resources responsibly and reinforces ways they can keep their watershed clean. 

This program is funded by the Solano County Water Agency and offered free to elementary and grade schools in Solano County. Bus scholarships are offered as possible.

WaterWays is offered in Winter and Spring, and is intended for 4th and 5th grade classrooms. Field trip curriculum is tailored to teacher interests. 

A park ranger teaches a group of students about watershed pollution.

Example WaterWays Schedule:
Lesson 1: Developing a watershed concept, examining where our water comes from
Field Trip: Exploring Lake Solano Park to learn about water resources, adaptations plants and animals use to obtain water, and exploring how our actions can keep watersheds clean
Lesson 2: Evaluating our water use and practicing ways to conserve and protect water resources

Interested in participating in WaterWays?
Contact Nina L., Putah Creek Council Education Program Manager, at nina (at)