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We Celebrated Putah Creek

We wanted to thank all those in the Putah Creek community for the outstanding support on April 3, 2016 at the “Celebrate Putah Creek” event held in Winters at the Community Center.  For four hours, 18 professionals gave of their time and expertise, 10 organizations were available for questions, and 11 sponsors made the refreshments, conference hall, and mixer possible.

Downey Brand, the Sacramento River Watershed Program, Yolo Basin Foundation, the Dry Creek Citizens Group, the City of Winters, McCord Environmental, Inc., Rootstock, Winters Frinds of Putah Creek, Route 3, Tuleyome, and Marr Cellars gave products, services and spaces that allowed the celebration to occur. 

SLEWS, Nature’s Theater, Putah Creek Trout, the Sierra Club, Winters Friends of Putah Creek, Yolo Basin Foundation, Winters History Project, Rob Stone, Putah Creek Council, and the Dry Creek Citizens Group displayed their organizations and services.

Last but not least DJ Worley, Pam Gonzales, Lois Wolk, Woody Fridae, Joann Larkey, David Okita, Roland Sanford, Dan O’Hanlon, Joe Krovoza, Peter Moyle, Sharon Lawler, David Kelley, Ellen Dean, Leila Harris, Melanie Truan, and Alejandro Garcia shared with us their expertise in areas of culture, history, legal background of the Accord for Putah Creek water flows, soils, plants, wildlife and fish.

Finally, our superior committee composed of Valerie Whitworth, Stephen McCord, Melissa Thorme, and Kate Mawdsley - with great support from Tina Compton, Atley Keller, and Eric Davis - worked tirelessly from January to April.  The result was a seamless four hours with refreshments and fun as well as professional input and a lovely gathering at Rootstock to finalize the day.

We hope those of you who attended found the time interesting and worthwhile and those who did not make it, look for another celebration within the next two years.